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Treat yourself to hand crafted artisan baked goods made with premium ingredients,
never any artificial or highly processed additives!

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Fresh Organic Lemon Balm

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Organic Wild Texas Honeysuckle Flowers

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Fresh Organic Garden Mint

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4oz Lavender Vinegar Spray

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Simple Ingredients, Whole Food

Our goal: clean, natural baked goods made with real, whole foods. Simple ingredients, handmade labels. Classic bagels: flour, water, yeast, sugar, salt, eggs. Just half a gram of sugar per bagel! Compare to commercial bagels with sugar, unpronounceable ingredients, factory production, and harmful additives like bleached, enriched flours, dough conditioners, azodicarbonomide, dextrose, and citric acid derived from GMO mold on GMO corn.

Braided Bread

Bringing Natural Flavors to you

I have a passion for creating comfort foods out of healthy, clean ingredients! You won't find any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or fillers in these baked goods! I hand write my labels because I'm PROUD of the ingredients that go into my products, and no batch is ever the same, so the packaging shouldn't be, either! Our commitment extends to using organic extra virgin olive oil, non-GMO flour, and real fruit, veggies and cheeses in our recipes. We steer clear of dubious additives like "natural flavors" that aren't truly natural, as well as imitation vanilla or cheese products containing "cellulose".

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Homemade Goodness

When you buy your bread from Hill Cottage Bakery, you're buying bread that is made in small batches by ONE person in a very clean home. Your food isn't being touched and handled by dozens of people, and it's not made on a conveyor belt. You can be assured that, unlike with commercial bread, every ingredient is inspected to be clean and fresh every time anything is made. This means flour contaminated with mold is never used (confirmed by my amazing mold detection dog!)

Choose REAL food! Check your ingredients labels! Try to avoid eating foods you can’t pronounce, or that you don’t know what they’re derived from! Our gut health has a huge impact on every system of our bodies, and common ingredients found in commercial breads can contribute to inflammatory conditions, such as leaky gut. Do you know if the food you’re eating is contributing to your toxic burden?

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Our food is the building blocks of our cells! We tell children all the time, “You are what you eat!”
Highly processed ingredients are pro-inflammatory and some toxins can bio-accumulate, which means we can’t detox from them very well!
Various toxins can accumulate in the body overtime, and can cause our immune systems to go haywire with progressive inflammatory symptoms if we accumulate more than our immune systems can handle!

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